Thursday, June 11, 2009

A good day

So--its officially summer vacation! (Only, it seems as if no one has told the weather that it is summer break--we haven't had to water our garden is days because of all the rain)

We made it one day before Rachel asked to go back to school.

I'm really quite nervous for this summer. My kids love school--they've had great classes and teachers so far, and I'm still not very good at the whole discipline-thing. One of my goals for the summer is to work on chore charts with the kids. Hannah is usually pretty good about doing the things I ask, but Rachel is pretty good at pretending she doesn't know what I'm asking.

The other day I was in a bit of a rut (emotionally speaking) and I thought about what makes a good day for me. I think the best kind of days include good parenting moments, time with the hubby and/or good friends (both useful in their own way), housework (yes, even though I am not a great homemaker, I love the feel of a clean house), and some sort of craft/decor project. Today, so far, I've done pretty well--after a disastrous early morning, I've tidied up all the public areas of the house, played games with kids and spent time with each kid, and finished a few projects. Ok...that means its time for Christian to come home from his work-trip to Cleveland/Cincinatti/Detroit, or for someone to call or stop by.... (anyone? anyone? I guess I can wait until yw tonight.)

Here are a few of the craft projects I've been working on:

I love my kids' teachers--they have been amazing. Whenever I hear people talk about homeschool (and I know there are plenty of good reasons to homeschool) I think that there isn't anyway I could provide the same great experiences as they've had in public school. For my gifts to the teachers and bus driver (Rachel has an awesome bus driver), I bought a few bunches of flowers from Sam's Club, raided my craft paper for cards, and tied it all up with some cute ribbon. I think they're pretty cheerful, and I even had some leftover to brighten up my kitchen! (The bowl holds some of the roses from our yard--Hannah wanted to make a bouquet)Cute hairbows are all the rage, and I found a very simple tutorial to make felt-flower clips that I love...
I finally bought and hung frames with the kids' pictures (don't look closely--I know we're missing a picture of Nathan. We haven't had professional pictures of him taken since he was younger than Aaron is now, and I thought it might be weird to put those up). It makes me happy whenever I see this arrangement!
I finally finished this Swedish weave baby blanket for my nephew, Isaac. Its been on my to-do list since he was born, and now....he'll turn 2 in a month. :) Christian's mother used to make these for all the grandkids, and when she passed away there were over 30 of them...but with family of 13 kids, even 30 isn't enough. She taught me to make them after we lost Rachel's. I've made 4 of them so far (3 for my kids--Hannah has one from her grandmother--and this one for Isaac). So, DeAnn, should I ship it to you or just give it to you when we're both in Utah?

And we finally have a garden! This is our 3rd or 4th try...we usually get a handful or tomatoes or, last summer, a measly 5 strawberries, but this year we have tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas, squash, pumpkin, watermelon, and spinach and they all seem to be doing well!

Happy summer vacation, everyone!


DeAnn said...

You can hang onto the blanket until we see you again--thanks so much!!

Catherine Faux said...

Wow! Everything looks so great. I love the clips and the color of that vase.

Jennie and Adam said...

You're on a roll! Looks like you've got a lot of fun projects in the works. I want to try those flower clips tonight--yours have inspired me!

val m said...

You've been busy!! Way to go!! I love all the projects! The hair clips are so cute, you might need to teach me!! I've been working on my Swedish Weave for about 10 years now - it hasn't seen light for about 8 of those years!! When ever you need to visit- call or come and play!!!