Friday, April 3, 2009

The rest of the story

We finally made it home late Tuesday night. We're so thankful for Jonathan and DeAnn, who literally saved us from our plight by driving down to pick us up, and we're so glad that the whole thing wasn't any worse than it was. The transmission went out after we slowed for the very last toll booth, so we were able to hang out behind the toll station while we waited for the tow truck. Yeah, the tow truck was really late, and yeah, he tried to charge us and the insurance company for things that didn't happen and yeah, our van wasn't taken where it was supposed to go and we had to track it down Friday morning on the way to the temple...but its all over now. Here are a few pictures of how we passed the time...(that's all our stuff piled on a picnic table behind the toll building as we wait for Jonathan...)(taking a walk around the parking lot...)

Our kids love playing with their cousins...and even now, after that crazy weekend, they are still asking to play with them.
Christian drove back Sunday night so he could get back to work, so I made the return trip alone. After picking up the van, I got stuck in Chicago rush-hour traffic. I've been in some bad traffic (the worst has been in Seattle and D.C.), but it literally took two and a half hours to get through the city. After that, we made one stop for dinner (Denny's, kids eat free on Tuesdays!), but it still took something like 8 hours to get home. Christian traveled to Ohio on Tuesday afternoon, so we came home to an empty house. Friday we were finally together again and were able to celebrate Rachel's birthday (5 whole years old!).
It was wonderful to be at the temple has been almost two-ish years since we've been able to go together (either in D.C. or Atlanta). Amazing how much peace the temple brings, even with crazy things going on in our lives outside.
Looking forward to General Conference...I'm in need of a little peace and guidance.
Anyone want to have a playdate this week? Its Spring Break...!


Catherine Faux said...

I'm glad everything worked out. Sometimes I get scared to have more kids, but when I see a family like yours I know it will be a lot of fun and turn out all right.

Jennie and Adam said...

I'm so glad that you guys made it home again! We're up for a play date this week--what about Thursday?

val m said...

You guys are such a darling family and I can see that you made something fun out of a bad situation! Cute pictures!!