Saturday, April 25, 2009

On goes the fight...

I know I've posted about his before...but I'm still frustrated!

Hannah refuses to ride a bike.

Now, I know I cannot make her do anything, and that riding a bike should be fun. I also know that she won't learn to do it until she wants to, and fighting about it certainly won't make her excited to try.

But I really want her to learn!

Its for her own good, too. I want her to be able to keep up with the bigger kids in the neighborhood this summer, and I want to give her an opportunity to try something difficult and succeed.

I also vividly remember feeling exactly like she does when I was her age, and giving my parents grief. (I didn't learn until I was 10, when I taught myself. I was bitter that my parents had given up, but now I see that maybe I didn't give them many options).

So--she has to want it (we've bribed her with new flip flops). I won't let her not try. She'll be happy when its all done. What do I do?


DeAnn said...

Have Nathan learn--maybe that will motivate her. We want Karen to start trying. The couple of times she's let us run along beside her holding the bike, she's done really well.
PS--Lucas Cates would be good exercise music. Send me $20 and I'll get his cds at the next gig. :)

Masa said...

Do you have a bike? Or Christian? Could you plan a special outing with one or both of you that is only an option if she rides a bike? (Like a picnic to the park or a "grown-up"/big kid outing? Something that will make her want it more?