Friday, April 17, 2009


Another week (or more) has gone by without blogging...seriously, we have a life we just don't always have blogworthy photo opps. Here's a summary of what's up:

*We finally had good snowman-making snow.
*Christian spoke in Sacrament meeting on Easter Sunday. He was particularly interesting in redeeming himself after his last speaking assignment, which he forgot until he saw his name in the program Sunday morning. This marks the 5th time in the last 8 years that he has spoken and/or arranged all the music for the Easter program. (When we lived in Provo, he was choir director/ward music director for a while and created a whole Easter program--with a really talented bunch of people, including David Wooley, who could do anything with the piano.)

*Just like the rest of you, we painted eggs and did a little Easter egg hunt. I found out that Hannah, my little health nut, doesn't really like candy (she bagged most of hers to give to her teacher). Nathan thought the hollow chocolate bunny was pretty cute and used it as a telescope, leaving behind what looked like a black (or chocolate brown) eye.
*I'm in love with Spring weather! I'm actually really excited to work on the yard this weekend (before the possible snow on Sunday). We'll post pictures when it all looks nice.


DeAnn said...

So did he ask to speak on Easter this year? He spoke last year while we were there.

Robyn said...

Nope--it just happened. Its the third time he's given a talk in this ward.

Catherine Faux said...

That's funny Hannah doesn't like candy. Oh well, more for you...or her teacher. I like Aaron's idea.

Alexia said...

Umm. you've convinced me that hannah is not christian's child. clearly hannah was a hospital mix-up. I'm pretty sure that no true Green would ever refuse candy.

val m said...

I wish I was like Hannah!! I love chocolate and it loves to cling to my middle!! My girls like to cut the ears off of their hollow bunnies and pour milk in them and then make it chocolate milk!! Ahh!! The little things in life!