Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Post Without a Title

I'm so thankful its March! The beautiful, sunny days keep me hopeful that Spring is coming, despite the 20 degree temperatures and persistent piles of snow. The kids keep sneaking out of the house to play on their bikes, but they don't last long--10 minutes or so, they come back in crying because they're so cold. I have a few craft projects to post soon, too.
I didn't comment on last week's Idol, but I watched--I just wasn't that impressed. Didn't really care who went through. This week, though, there's a girl from Utah and she did really well in the auditions, so I hope she makes it, and I think there are a few others I like, so I'll probably try to guess the outcome Tuesday night...
Aren't Sundays strange? They are supposed to be such holy days, and used to be, back when I was single and childless. Now, I forget what its like to go to church and actually feel peaceful. Aaron is in nursery finally (we snuck him in a few weeks early because Christian and I both teach most Sundays...imagine trying to teach a handful of teenage girls with an adorable boy running around, begging for candy). He loves it, and I've been able to attend Sunday School for the first time in years...but not today. Today I interpreted for Rachel during Primary before teaching a lesson to the YW. Not much down time. Anyway, I think this morning went better than most Sundays because I not only brushed, but braided both girls' hair, bathed all four kids, and got to church a few minutes early without loosing my temper. Can't say the same for the afternoon, but really, we all know I'm not perfect. We're really working on adding some meaningful activities to our Sundays so they are more peaceful. Usually, I'm a big fan of hiding and napping on Sundays, which usually leads to trouble-making kids....Today, they conspired to break Rachel's glasses. Oh well, I should be grateful they lasted 2 months.
Recently I've been reading Hannah the Harry Potter books (we've made in to chapter 6 of book 2 together...on my own I've re-read through 3) and I've been re-reading one of my teeny-bopper favorites, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, book 3. However, I just finished the best book I've read in a long time, and I'd recommend it to anyone; The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio, by Terry Ryan. (there's a movie, too, if you want the condensed version) I read it in just a few days, and it was hilarious--by far, the most entertaining memoir I've ever read. Its about a large family during the mid-century in a small town in Ohio. They're poor, but the mother has a knack for writing and supplements their income (and perserves the family) by winning writing contests. More importantly, I was so impressed by her attitude and humor through it all, and the way she inspired and lifted her kids--just so good!In addition to the funny stories about their family (ironing the latex girdle, killing Dad with j-ello), here are a few of my favorite poems...

We can't take it with us... That much we all know.
My trouble's been keeping
the stuff 'til I go.

Of all sad words, Give these the prize:
"My dear, You'll need Our larger size."

"I'm glad I use Dial; Hallelujah.
Now I don't smell So peculiah."

No woman problem had young Adam,

Being made before they had 'em.

Behold the hippopotamus bestowing hippo kisses
Upon a hippopotamiss
who's not his hippomissus.
But he's no hippocrit, is he, this hippopotamister
Because the hippopotamiss
is his little hipposister.

A week or so before she died, Evelyn Ryan wrote this:
Every time I pass the church I stop and make a visit
So when I'm carried in feet first
God won't say, "Who is it?"

I'd love to have that kind of attitude!


Amy said...

I'm wishing for Spring too! I totally agree on your thoughts on Sunday. I feel like I spend most of my time running around and not really getting what I could out of church. I loved that book too! It is always wonderful to see how a mother can make the world go 'round. How's that for a random set of comments! Hope you all are doing great!

DeAnn said...

I loved that book too!
Sundays can be hard. Isaac is doing well in nursery and Karen told me this morning that she likes Primary (she'd been having a hard time going). Yesterday I had meetings starting at 11:15, church 1-4, taught the RS lesson and met with the bishop after church. I barely made it home and was so sick the rest of the day. Headache and nausea--I think from the pain of the headache.

Kasey Hunt said...

I've seen the movie. It is good. Maybe I'll have to read the book too.

val m said...

I need to go and check out the book - it sounds like a good one! I want spring and i am glad that it is at least sunny!!! It's around the corner!!

The Santini Stew said...

I'm glad to have found you! It looks like things are good at the Green home. I'd love to become a part of the apt 23 group!

Fill me in on more! How is Christian?