Sunday, March 15, 2009

For Grandmas (if any actually read this)

I have a plethora of adorable pictures of of course I'm going to share. So get set for major cuteness! (I've been reading seriouslysobessed lately--excuse the cutesy talk).

Aaron just after getting his hair trimmed (and a bath)...

Aaron loves his bike--and exploring outside.I'm so thrilled that he learned he can push around our kitchen cart--he sure looks proud of himself!
Nathan and Aaron set this up so they could pretend to play on computers.Aaron likes to "help" us cook...Aaron uses a pacifier at night (a.k. the "bug plug") and we usually give him one and put one on the tail of his dinosaur. As you can see, he prefers to use the one on the dinosaur.
And--because I love him and he's cute-- here's a video of him first thing in the morning. Its a little long, I have a cold so I sound funny, and I'm sure only those who truly love him will appreciate it, but I think its pretty funny.


Kasey Hunt said...

So cute!! Love the color of his hair.

Catherine Faux said...

He's a cutie and so smart. Seriously so blessed is a joke right? also, Christian, you are looking good in the middle!...haha i mean you look like you have lost a lot of weight!

DeAnn said...

He's looking so grown up. How much is he talking? (it was hard to tell with his bug plug) :) Isaac is slowing adding words and actually using them. He starts speech therapy this week. Him pushing your island around cracks me up. Sorry to laugh at your pain!

val m said...

He is such a precious little guy!!