Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cool Dad

On Saturday, we enjoyed a gorgeous day of play (and housecleaning). "BBQ weather," according to Christian (who has been known to BBQ in the snow). This is what I saw outside after dinner...I think they were watching clouds. Those kids love their Daddy!

To answer questions...Aaron is talking, but not much. His favorite word is "no," of course, but he will also say nope, yes, up, hot, jump, thank you, and sort of says milk and bus. Daddy is his multi-purpose word, for anyone he wants at the moment. The YMCA ladies always crack up when I walk into pick up the kids and Aaron shouts, "Daddy!" and runs over to me. We're not too worried yet because Nathan was about the same, but it is funny that he and Rachel seem to be at a similar stage vocally.

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