Sunday, February 1, 2009

The confession of an addict

I have to admit it...I'm addicted to something that takes up far too much of my time. I need a daily fix, but its never enough. I am hooked on...classic romance novels. Every year I go through my collection of Austen novels and the movies, and sometime I add Anne of Green Gables and Jane Eyre (which was my favorite in high school). And now that many of the movies can be found on YouTube, what once was educational has become a major time-waster. I can watch and rewatch my favorite scenes from Northanger Abbey, etc. anytime I want. And since these are classics, there are several movies and more movies made all the time. I'm still torn between which version of Pride and Predjudice I like better (so I'll watch them both), and I still haven't seen a movie of Persuasion that I really like, but I keep watching the parts I like in the old ones. I liked Elizabeth and the music in the old P&P better, but like Mr. Darcy and the cinematography in the new one. I also found clips online from the Wonderworks movie Jane of Lantern Hill, which I remember seeing once as a child, and I found out that there is a movie of Emily of New Moon that I'd like to see....but I can't find it on Netflix or YouTube!

Oh, yeah, and I'm addicted to chocolate, too. But I'm trying to quit.

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