Thursday, January 22, 2009


I have a bunch of kid pictures that I haven't posted, so get set for a bunch of unrelated photos:
For Family Home Evening on Monday, we took the kids outside to go sledding in the dark--even Aaron! (He wasn't thrilled) After a few times down the hill, Christian came up the the brilliant idea of pitching the kids into the deep snow. He even did it to me!
Another shot of Rachel's new glasses:
Playtime with the kids... (notice how Aaron always finds a way into the picture)
When "time-out" becomes play-time....
Hannah made a blanket nest for Aaron, dressed him up in Rachel's clothes, and look how much he loves her for it!
And, finally...the other evening I spent at my friend Jennifer's home, where she taught us to make bows. Here are my first attempts--room for improvement, but the girls love them!


Jodie said...

Your kids are so cute--and it looks like they're always having such a good time--even in time-out! :)

Catherine Faux said...

Fun toys and the bows are cute!

Marcy said...

Those pics are adorable, and I love the bows!!!

Deinda said...

Rachel's glasses are pretty much the coolest thing I've seen since I looked at my glasses! I'm going to raise her to act like me. Just giving you fair warning, so you can't blame me when it turns out true.
Nathan's, like, OLD now! Crazy sauce!

DeAnn said...

Make me some bows! :) I love all those pictures. Everyone is so cute.

Catherine Faux said...

yes. When are you guys coming out this summer?