Sunday, January 11, 2009

Getting a life

One of my favorite things so far this year is that we've finally started to get a life...We really enjoy having friends over for dinner, and as long as we've lived here we've had a list of all the people we've wanted to get to know better. In the last few weeks, we've had several families over and really enjoyed it. I haven't taken very many pictures, but here are a few of our adventure last night--sledding after dark in our backyard with some friends (we had something like 2 feet of snow, and its still coming down).
And, just because I thought it was cute, here is a picture of Hannah reading to Nathan.In other news, Aaron has started to talk (somewhat). So far, we can understand him when he says thank you, uh-oh, please (and he'll sign it), Daddy, no, that, and amen. He is also learning to kneel and hold his arms for prayer, and is desperately trying to keep up with the big kids. He was a huge hit in YW today--kind of a distraction from the lesson, but a very cute distraction.


val m said...

I love the picture of Hannah reading - very cute! Your home looks so pretty!

Jess said...

We had a ton of fun playing with you guys, and for what it is worth... I think Aaron is an adorable kid, he was cracking me up yesterday!