Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Christian's Big Change

In December, while Christian was talking with a co-worker who began running marathons to loose weight, he decided that he wanted to train for a half-marathon this Spring. I just wanted to praise him a little bit--This month he started spending his lunch hour (every day he isn't traveling) at the gym at his workplace. He also found a website ( that he likes and is using to track his calories and get goals. He even enters in some of our home-made recipies to figure out the calories-per-serving, and he's stuck to his calorie limit. Granted, his calorie limit (to hit his target weight by next December) is 3000 calories per day. Yeah, a little unfair. I think I could hit that, too. (While the nutritionist said 3000 calories, he's actually sticking to 2500) I just think he's pretty cool.
For the last three weeks, I've exercised 3-4 times per week (usually, 45 min or more), but I'm having a harder time sticking to my calorie limit (1600 per day). I'm going to try the website to see if it helps--can't let Christian have all the fun! The really cool thing is that he's got his brothers and their wives in on it, too, so we can check up on each other and help each other out.
Here's a photo of his awesome veggie rolls. He made them like we usually make our ham and cheese rolls (or cinnamon rolls), but added a cream cheese/herb filling with roasted peppers, garlic, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts on the inside. (about 200 cal. per roll) He made these for a potluck at work, and someone asked him if he got them from Panera.


Catherine Faux said...

Yay for you guys!!! Those rolls look delicious! I am going to make some. Good luck! I remember when Christian was going to try out for BYU football. I was always kind of sad he didn't. The marathon is awesome!

Randy and Ally said...

Ooooh, I am going to have to try those. They look really yummy.

Debbie said...

Those look SOO yummy! You should post the recipe! Great job with the working out and cooking lighter... my new year's resolution was to resolve to get in shape some time this year. Way to go!

DeAnn said...

I'm stuffing my face with Cheetos while I'm reading this. I'm not sure I'm up for a 1/2 marathon but I'm running now with a friend to get ready for a 5 or 10k in April.