Friday, December 26, 2008

Nativity Photo Shoot

Christmas Eve feels like a holiday to me. I really try to do as little work as possible (oh, wait, that's everyday...) and plan on getting into the holiday spirit.
In the early afternoon we took goodies to neighbors and friends (about half of them weren't home), and then enjoyed our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of hamburgers (due to the snow, we had to grill them inside), french fries, salad, and rice pudding. Christian made a fabulous batch of rice pudding this year. Then, we had our Pagent/Photo shoot. We've reviewed the Christmas story several times this season and did our formal scripture reading last Sunday, so we decided to act it out with costumes and the whole deal.
Rachel was Mary (her stuffed bear was the baby Jesus).
Daddy alternately played a donkey, a shepherd, and a wise man.
Nathan played Joseph, a shepherd, and a wise man.
Hannah played an angel and a wise person.
(I played the photographer)
Aaron took a very short turn as a shepherd.


Annelise said...

That looks like so much fun! I am still wondering if it was a good idea to use Christian as a "wiseman."

val m said...

What a fun evening. You are such a cute family!