Saturday, December 27, 2008

More Christmas Fun

While making Christmas goodies, I had the kids stand in line to take turns, and it actually worked. Usually cooking with the kids is chaotic, but this time, they were so eager that they actually cooperated. The goodies turned out pretty good, too.
Aaron likes to wear Hannah's boots...should I be worried?

It's like living in a marshmallow world...
Christmas Eve, showing off their stockings and Santa's treat....Christmas morning, showing off their haul...We think that next year we'd like to make sure we have more family or friends to share Christmas morning with, but we (Christian and Robyn) were pleased that the kids stayed entertained all day so we could read and relax.

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DADDY said...


This was so wonderful. I see that you are so in love. You are teaching your family so well.
Obedience is the denominator of righteousness and that coupled with love of Jesus and each other will be the sealing wax of eternity.