Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just looking for a good time...

(This is the last of the Thanksgiving posts--next time I'll have something of more general interest)
In other massive family vacation news, we had Aunt Alexia watch the kids while we old married folk To Best Buy (and sampled the Wii), Walmart, and Sam's Club. Then on Saturday, we finally saw Twilight! Christian wanted to go the opening weekend (for his birthday), but we postponed, got a babysitter, and went with Jonathan and DeAnn. We all agree, it was pretty good. I liked it better than I liked the trailers, and maybe even better than the book in parts. Very fun.

Our favorite activity was our game nights. Back when we lived in Provo, we used to have great family nights playing Rook, Canadian Cabbage, Rummikub, and others with all the siblings or Grandma Noble. We missed have Daniel and Jeni (well, we sort of missed them....they cheat!), but we always have a good time. (We found a new favorite game night treat: Nestle break and bake chocolate lovers' cookie dough, baked a little more than halfway, served warm with a scoop of Dreyer's slow churned caramel ice cream. Divine.) Hoopla is a favorite, and we combined three Rook decks to make a Great Dalmhudi deck, and we played Alexia's strip game (as in, strips of paper), and 5 Things, but perhaps our favorite game was If, Then.
Here's how to play: Pass out paper and pencils to everyone playing. Write "What if..." and something about one of the people in the room. For example, "What if Christian changed all the poopy diapers for the rest of the week?" Then randomly pass the papers around and have someone else answer the question with "Then...". Example: "Then Robyn would put out an APB for her real husband."
To play the game, have one person read their If question, and have the person sitting next to them read the then statement. Sound simple? It is...but it gets really crazy. Here are some of our favorites:
(I'm still trying to make sense out of our papers...sorry guys, I should have done this while we were together)
What if... Christian was secretly a drag queen?
Then...The look in the mirror more often and smile more.

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DeAnn said...

It's "He would stop avoiding mirrors and smile more often."