Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Husband Tag

Thanks, Catherine, for the tag. This is especially good timing, because he is out of town and I can say whatever I want.

5 things Christian loves:
1. me, of course
2. cheese, cooking, and cooking with cheese
3. politics and online news sources
4. learning about things--although he is already an expert on most topics (just ask him, he'll tell you its true), he loves to hunt down information and understand how things work and how things happen
5. witty comments and attention (mostly from me, but when he's in a good mood he loves to get a good laugh)
can I add #6? Himself (Hey, Green family...isn't his theme song-- "Whenever I hear the sound of my voice, or look at my great physique/whenever I hear my marvelous wit, or the wisdom displayed when I speak/Whenever I think a brilliant thought that never occurred before/ I know why I'm here in this beautiful world/ I am here for mankind to adore")

5 things on his to-do list:
1. Visit neighbors in Shelby, NC (where he is currently traveling for work)
2. Clean out the drier vent (so we don't have to run the drier twice for every load)
3. start training for the 1/2 marathon he wants to run this Spring (there, now I've made it public, so you have to follow through!)
4. shovel snow in the driveway (oh, he's gone so I had to do that...)
5. ummm...I used up more than 5 on the last question...

5 Snacks he loves:
1. cheese
2. diet soda
3. "raid the fridge" cheese
4. Andes mint cookies
5. vanilla ice cream

5 things you may not know about him:
1. He enjoys watching romantic/classic movies (when we first met, he begged me for months to watch the Pride and Prejudice miniseries)
2. He is very musical. He likes to arrange music and sing, wishes he could play the piano better and could still play the string bass, and served as ward choir director when we lived in Provo (and did an amazing job)
3. He wants to own his own business someday...and have it work better than it did the last time we tried that.
4. He enjoys woodworking and helped build his Father's kitchen cabinets and those of a friend
5. He went to real Kindergarten--in Germany, where, like Hannah, he started when he was 4

5 places he's lived:
1. Alabama
2. Utah (Salem, Provo)
3. Germany (military base)
4. Mountain Home, Idaho (military base--why else would anyone live there?)
5. Budapest, Hungary (mission)
there are more, but I'm only supposed to say 5...

5 quirky things about him:
1. he likes to pick me up and throw me around the house--just to make me squeal
2. he likes to be cold
3. when he holds his arms out straight, I fit underneath his arms (he picked a short girl--I'm armpit height)
4. he has a 7-foot arm span
he cut off the tip of his finger while he worked Housekeeping at a hospital (they re-attached it, but its still dead on the end...)

5 people to tag:
Jennie Johnson


Jennie and Adam said...

What a fun tag! I'll have to put my thinking cap on and get to work.

Deinda said...

I was reading this and thinking "Hey, I should do this for MY husband!" And then guess what I remembered... =(
(That's a pouty way of telling you to go get me a hubby, dear sister. And please hurry.)

Kasey Hunt said...

David Cook, he's in the 3rd Ward. Great family.