Friday, December 12, 2008

Homemade, Hand-me-down Christmas

When I go too long without blogging, I forget what I like to write about. So sorry for being somewhat MIA.
We finally decorated our tree. One of my favorite things about the holiday season is having the opportunity to make stuff. I have never been in a Relief Society that has done a crafty Super Saturday, but I'd love to....I'd be willing to move again just to go to one of those. In the meantime, I do my own thing. Here are my latest ornaments... my young women said they looked like fungus.And some of my favorites from the past few years...Several years ago I made this snowman advent calendar. This year, rather than put a piece of candy in each pocket (and have the kids fight over it), we put one Christmas activity in each pocket. That way, we have something Christmas-y to do everyday...and its mostly working.
I love this wire art hanger (from Pottery Barn Outlet) it is somewhere between Thanksgiving turkeys, winter snow flakes, and Christmas pictures.One thing I've learned from these projects--they have to be done out of love. In the past I've tried to do homemade projects to save money, but its rarely cheaper to do things on my own, and the projects are rarely as cute or nice looking as store bought things. I do projects because I enjoy doing them.
We are sticking to a rather tight budget this year. I've been very thankful for hand-me-downs. I just pulled out some 4T things for Nathan, all hand-me-downs, and I love it cuz I don't think I'll have to buy him anything this winter (and the stuff is in great condition--he's such a cutie in his new stuff!). My friend Jessica passed along some toys we plan on giving Christmas morning (blocks, doll, leap pad...). How cheap am I? I hope someday I can pass along things after my kids are done with them, but I'm not sure anything will survive the four of them! I do love knowing that kids' things, whether I've bought them or just used them, have been well worn, well used and well loved.
Happy Holidays! Are you in the mood yet?


Randy and Ally said...

Your ornaments are way cute . . . I have always been amazed at your artistic ability. I still have the cat painting you made me freshman year hanging in my room back home. Hand-me-downs are amazing. I am so thankful for the ton of baby boy gear I inherited from my sister in law!

Catherine Faux said...

I love all the crafts you have made! I used to not care about making things look cute, but now it's fun to see what how cute I can make them (or not right?) I'll admit you inspire me because you have such great ideas and it all looks great! Don't feel bad about giving your kids used toys. That is what is so great about little kids. They don't care where the toys came from. Just that they are cool and fun. That's why we are giving Lucy and Jack toys the neighbors left on our lawn. hahaha jk but I couldn't resist putting a joke. Merry Christmas we love you guys.

THE GREEN MandMS said...

Hand me downs are great. Marcy and I received 2 bags of clothing the Bishops wife brought to us and the stuff was CUTE. The Crafts look fun.

DeAnn said...

My kids are very envious of your children having a mother with artistic abilities. And a dad that likes to cook.

Robyn said...

DeAnn, I'm still trying to copy your kids' growth chart. I still have a long way to go....and I'd love to have your $ skills.

Deinda said...

Those fungus ornaments are amazing! They look like something from Metroid! Make more, in different colors! Brian would be so proud!
Seriously though, I wish I was as crafty as you. I always botch handmade things like that whenever I try to make them.