Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cousin Craziness

I love getting all these kids together. They may not see each other very often, but they play so well together. The big kids were into Star Wars and Kung Fu, Webkinz and their game, "Cute King Isaac," who gave commandments like, "No Killing" (A generally good rule to live by). The little people played cars dress-up, horses, wrestling...and mostly just got along.
Here's the fort they built togetherBonding with Aunt AlexiaPlaying with toothbrushes in the bathroom (makes you wonder where those toothbrushes have been....)Smothering the babies Taking 12 kids to the librarymaking chocolate covered pretzels (they were supposed to be sent to Peter--but, oops! they didn't last very long)Bonding with cousins they don't see very often


DeAnn said...

You got some great pictures!!

Kasey Hunt said...

What great memories to have.