Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Time for Something New!

I've been busy, but not in a "take a picture and tell a story" kind of a way. We're expecting a houseful of family for Thanksgiving so I'm trying to get a few things put in order... like our storage room (which will become a bedroom for one lucky aunt), Fall crafts, finishing a few projects for the girls, and tidying the laundry/coat room.
Christian is home--and we think he'll be here for a while. However, he came home from his last trip feeling sick, and it has now spread to the boys, so they stayed home from church and I'm staying away from the YMCA and friends for now (just hoping the girls won't catch it).
Aaron is a walker--he loves to chase after the big kids. He doesn't exactly run--he just walks after them with more enthusiasm. He still isn't talking, beyond "Daddy," "uh-oh," and a grunt for yes. He does seem to understand some simple signs, although he isn't really interested in signing back to me.
We moved Nathan into the girls room so that nap time would be less stressful, and so we could put Aaron down earlier at night. So far it seems to be working and Nathan loves it--although for the very reasons he loves it, bedtimes are a little crazy.
I'm so pleased with Hannah's progress in school. She is reading books (simple ones) independently, and is learning math and writing skills that I wouldn't have expected in first grade.
We had our first dusting of snow last weekend. So far, I've been thrilled with the weather--it was in the 70's last week! I had expected a really long, really cold winter that started in October---but the snow has held off much longer!
Oh and we roasted and pureed our pumpkins and have enough to make 5 or so pies. We think we are going to make a bunch of small pies to test out different recipies to come up with our favorite.


Catherine Faux said...

Sounds good! We wish we lived close by.

Alexia said...

My fingers are crossed that I will get to sleep in the storage closet!

Kasey Hunt said...

I'm glad that you are able to get some projects of yours done!!

DeAnn said...

Natalie loves pumpkin pie--she'll be excited! It's working out well for us too to have Isaac in his own room. We didn't get snow yet. It got cold but now has warmed up again. I too am pleased so far with winter. October was so nice and November hasn't been too bad so far. See you soon!

Jess said...

I think your pumpkin pie was pretty much the best over... it was fantastic! I loved it!

Jess said...

uhhh that would be the best ever!

Joyous said...

Good work on so many projects, Robyn! Do post your favorite recipe when you find it. :)