Sunday, November 30, 2008

Old Man

November 22nd was Christian's birthday--he's 31! I love it that he's so much older--it gives me plenty of time to get used to getting older before I have to actually do it.
We had a great day. His birthday was the first day of his week-long vacation, so we really took it easy. I made breakfast, and we gave him an immersion blender--a kitchen toy he's wanted since he saw it used on America's Test Kitchen (he loves to cook). The best part of the day was a little surprise I had planned. He knew we were expecting a lot of company the following week, and I kept trying to get the house ready, but he, understandably, was highly unmotivated to clean house. What he didn't know was that his brother Adam (and fam) were coming two days early...and it was so fun to have a surprise like that for him! It was a great start to our holidays.

Lots of picts of family fun to's one of my favorite pictures from Christian's younger days (I recently found some old photo albums and wanted to share). (5th grade)
I can't tell what I like most--the glasses, the cheek bones, or the smirk.


Catherine Faux said...

Oh he is such a cutie! (I am not even joking) Happy Birthday Christian! I did not know he was so old.

Kasey Hunt said...

too funny.

DeAnn said...

I'm glad glasses have gotten smaller over the years.
Happy 31st year Christian.