Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Its beginning to feel a lot like...something

I'm seriously falling behind in my blogging.

Although the weather has now changed, we've really enjoyed the beautiful fall colors and relatively warm weather. It's hard to believe these pictures were taken in a Michigan November...

The kids' new favorite game is emptying my kitchen drawers (specifically the lids and baking items) and banging them all over the kitchen floor. It makes a horrible amount of noise, but keeps them extremely occupied. They also like emptying our pantry (yesterday I found little beans spilled all over the living room.

We had our first snow--so exciting! I know I'll be sick of it after Christmas, but for now its fun.In preparation for Thanksgiving (and the visitors we'll have), I've been trying to deep clean the house, which means unpacking boxes I haven't opened since we lived in Provo. In part, I found scrapbook paper, family pictures, five different partially used packs of printer paper (and two broken printers), and unfinished Christmas projects. I'm having fun finishing ornaments I started working on 4 years ago, and I'm still finding more things!

The one thing we haven't found is Christian's Tigger suit--I'm afraid we've lost it somewhere between Provo, Baltimore, and Shelby, NC. If you have any information on it, please call me!


DeAnn said...

I'm so excited to come. I hope we have Thanksgiving snow. Hopefully Isaac will walk soon--it'll be easier to let him go outside.

Catherine Faux said...

Oh no! I will have to make him another one.

Joyous said...

No!!! Not the Tigger Suit!