Monday, October 20, 2008

School Pictures

I need some advice.
I've said before that its a struggle to get good pictures of Hannah. She likes to do "model"poses and make overly dramatic faces rather than just smiling naturally. Its school picture time; growing up this was a time of stress, but as a Mom I love it.
Here's Rachel's picture from this year:I mean, she's so cute and sweet, I wonder how she came from me.

Last year, Hannah's kindergarten picture was beautiful.
But this year, Hannah came home with this:Now, I know its not good. Is it weird enough to warrant retakes?

Also, just cuz its cute, here are the girls dressed like twins (they did it, not me). Hannah is even wearing Rachel's ear.


DeAnn said...

I would redo Hannah's--it doesn't really look like her. Rachel's is darling.

Kasey Hunt said...

I think I would get retakes. 2nd times a charm!

Joyous said...

I love Rachel's picture!

Annelise said...

I think the pictures are adorable! You have such cute kids, and I have cute nieces and nephews! Thanks!

Deinda said...

Aww! Rachel's so cute! Personally I think I'd keep Hannah's just to be mean, but since your kids actually have to like you, yeah. Get retakes.
Also, I just wanna say, I hope my kids turn out as cute as yours. Preferably cuter, though, for gloating rights.