Friday, October 17, 2008

I had to share this

Read/watch this.
This is probably the first time I've completely agreed with something on ABC news, although we did used to watch 20/20 clips in my MFHD classes at BYU, so he must be right more than the usual ABC folk.

update: In fact, just about every segment on 20/20 last night was interesting and accurate. A first! Take a look at the website.

This is why, when I consider who to elect, I look more closely at a candidate's character than the things they say (isn't this how we usually evaluate people in our lives?). Its also why I'm not extremely worried about this coming election--not only am I not thrilled with either candidate (although I am very clear on who I am voting for), I know that the President doesn't have nearly as much power as the public seems to think, so the crazy, extreme, or, elaborate promises these candidates are making are unlikely to actually happen. Here's to a Conservative congress in 2010!

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Deinda said...

That is so true! If a kid my age can get that, anyone should!