Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Feeling Inspired--almost?

In school, we took great pride in the term "designer," as opposed to "decorator." (This difference is theoretically in the training...) I still tend to think of myself that way. My skill is more in planning and thinking up ideas than in following through. For that reason, we still haven't hung up more than one picture in our home. How sad is that?! In my defense, my kids went on a smashing-spree shortly after moving here, and broke most of my frames (not to mention the pictures inside) so I'd have to purchase a lot to fill my walls. I do have some things, though, and I keep holding off hanging things, partly because of painting, but also because---what if I change my mind later! I can't do anything unless I know its absolutely the right place to put something. I feel none of this stress when I give advice to other people, though.
Lately, though, I've spent far too much time searching through crafty blogs and I'm rethinking the whole designer/decorator thing. For all my designer-pride, my house looks so plain! I want a cutesy, decorator house!
I'm planning on making a cute growth chart like DeAnn did make out of a simple plank of wood and craft paint and cut numbers.....
I'm planning on changing the color in the girls' room and hand-painting flowers and butterflies as detail.
I have a wire clip-thing from Pottery Barn (we had an outlet near our home on NC) for displaying kids artwork and I can't decide if it would look best in the kitchen or near the kids' rooms.
I don't have any family photos on display and am in serious need to picture frame shopping! (Funny--my Mom is seriously addicted to picture frames and has more than she has pictures....)
I want iron-work for my walls...
I want to add to my Christmas decoration collection and start a Halloween/Thanksgiving decor collection. I want to make fun things!
Plus, I want to make a twirly skirt for Rachel (and maybe for myself...)
We have stacks of wooden signs left over from Kinderhoff that have yet to be stained.
I also want to be more of an artist and start actually using my oils and watercolors, pencils and canvases, that haven't been touched in years.

It all comes down to priorities, I guess. We always seem to have somewhere else to put our money. Maybe I just have to contain all my crafty-cravings.... we'll see. There's also the dilemma: make it myself, which may or may not happen and may or may not be cheaper, or buy something I love when I see it...For now, I'm working on costumes (super-heroes, princesses) and trying to organize all my art stuff.

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