Tuesday, October 7, 2008

almost twinners

Rachel and Nathan are 15 months apart, and we've wondered for years when Nathan would catch up to Rachel in size--and its happened. Although Rachel is three inches taller, the two kids both weigh 33 lbs. Skinny Rachel, solid boy...I'm kind of surprised it took this long. Rachel is still the bully, though. Now I wonder how long it will take for Nathan to realize he can fight back...fun times ahead!
Otherwise, they're healthy and happy. We've been referred to a pediatric opthamologist to get Rachel's eyes checked. Its a reminder that our time at Johns Hopkins was less than satisfactory. Rachel's eyes were checked two years ago and she was far-sighted, but due to her surgery, the doctor wanted to postpone glasses (remember, Christian has had glasses since he was 18 months old). With all the other medical stuff we've dealt with, it was easy to put it off...so now we need to revisit her eyes. Without her hearing, its kind of important that she can see as well as possible. We also need to check out her kidneys--we started (at JHH) but never heard back from the doctors (the geneticist), assumed that we knew where we stood, and haven't looked further. Our pediatrician reminded us that for people with genetic deafness, there is often a corelating kidney problem. So--more to do, more to look into, and have I mentioned that I hate JHH? She also has another check-up at U of M next week, and is due for implant mapping soon. I'll update when I have more info.


Jennie and Adam said...

Hey Robyn--
I just found your blog and love it! I'm definitely going to be making a note of the Nutella Brownies! It looks like you had a great conference weekend too. Talk to you soon!

DeAnn said...

Make sure you get all the kids' eyes checked!!

RD&Debbie said...

doesn't it seem like you're always at someone's office?! I"m sorry JHH was so bad, the right people make such a difference. We've got to do the same vision check for Reese and Grace, and doctors keep asking about history of kidney problems.. what are you doing to check them out? No one's gone any farther on that after I say there's no history.. any suggestions?