Sunday, September 7, 2008

Thank goodness for great schools

I hear a lot about the homeschool/public school debate, especially on the blogosphere. I just have to weigh in--I love my kids schools. It isn't even a question for me--my kids have amazing teachers, who can help the kids in ways that I just can't. I know we're probably in the minority (and I wasn't pleased with North Carolina schools), so I'm counting my blessings.
When I say that, remember that Rachel has special needs and Hannah hates the learning process--she won't attempt things she doesn't know she can do. School provides her with

I love this video of Rachel. Sorry its a little crooked. She's signing that she loves school and is excited for the bus. Then she says she has two busses; one to take her to school, one to come home.
Then it was Nathan's turn. Watch closely and you can see how serious Rachel is about her bus and going to school.

I hope all your kids have a great school year!


The Green M&Ms said...

Very Cute pictures, don't we all love great schools.

DeAnn said...

I'm glad they're all doing well. It's always such a relief. So far so good at yet another school for my kiddos.