Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tagged by DeAnn

10 years ago I...

1. was starting my senior year in high school
2. dying to go to college
3. took the missionary discussion with my friend, Erica, who was baptised that year
4. spent copious amounts of time at the mall, movie theater, Red Robin, and friends' homes
5. sewed over my finger at work--put a hole straight through my thumb!

Today's To-Do List
1.plan a YW/YM activity for tomorrow (procrastination!)
2. laundry
3. clean the kitchen
4. successfully get kids to and from school (didn't happen yesterday!)
5. exercise at the YMCA

1. hummus and celery
2. choc chip cookies
3. smoothies
4. crackers
5. fruit

If I were a millionaire
1. decorate my house
2. clothes! 
3. get a passport and start traveling
4. stay in touch better with family and friends (that goes with traveling)
5. fix all my problems (isn't that what money is supposed to do?)

Places I've lived
1. Washington
2. Utah
3. Maryland
4. North Carolina
5. Michigan

Jobs I've had
1.Bernie the Bagel Bear--store mascot
2. sewing machine operator--Jan's Designs (embroidery)
3. salesperson--Fred Meyer
4. intern at Upstairs/Downstairs (interior design)
5. Stay-at-home Mom

I tag:
1. Amy
2. Sarah K (you haven't updated your blog in months!)
3. Marc or Marcy
4. Bethany
5. Heather

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hartleyhouse said...

You worked at Fred Meyer! Me too! Sometimes I really miss that store.