Friday, September 12, 2008

One of those days

I survived Friday.
Let me tell you why that's a big deal. This morning, during misty rain, I carted all four kids to the bus-stop to send Hannah to school, then took the remaining three to Aaron's doctor's appointment. After the boys' short afternoon nap, we scrambled to Walmart to get groceries (anything to avoid taking all four kids some other time) during a downpour--and we all got soaked. While in Walmart, I got the call that Christian would be gone for another 5 days--and then realized on the way home that due to traffic and rain, I would be late meeting Hannah's bus after school. I frantically tried to reach my neighbors and settled for the 11-year old neighbor girl, who said she'd meet Hannah and take care of her. Thankfully, some other Moms helped out, too. I then raced to the gas station (and the lines) because the van was seriously empty and I heard tales of $6 gas. I sat in line for 25 minutes, then scrambled home to finally unload the groceries and meet Rachel's bus. Then--I realized that I forgot to buy wipes and I was completely out, so I took all four kids to Target. I had a Mom stop me in the aisles to call me brave; I said, "no, just crazy." We got home around 7:00, after spending way too much money--I always spend more when I shop with kids-- and put together a quick dinner and put the kids to bed. And then put them to bed again. And again. I really need to teach them to stay put.
Amid everything crazy that happened Friday, something really nice happened, too. As Rachel got on her bus in the afternoon, her bus driver told me that I'd been a good missionary. She told me that she had spoken with Rachel's teacher about what a good girl Rachel is and her teacher said that the family seemed very nice, too (silly teacher). Then she said, "I think they're Mormon; you know, LDS." Our church is down the street from the school and I had mentioned months ago that our church had interpreting for Rachel. Anyway, the funny part is that the bus driver is actually in our ward (I didn't recognize her--I spend all my time with kids and youth!)! Anyway, good moment.
Tonight I'm curling up with a movie I know Christian doesn't want to see and some brownies. Good night!


Amy said...

Oh wow! Good job for surviving the day and the news that Christian would be gone longer! I don't think your crazy, I think anyone who has to stop a radom mom to tell her she's brave is rude! You are a wonderful mom and your kids are lucky to have you! I wish we were closer so we could steal your kids for a weekend! Good luck!

RD&Debbie said...

Oh my gosh, hang in there!! Way to be the woman!!! I hope the trip gets suddenly shortened, or they send you two off alone on the next one!:)

DeAnn said...

I hate when I forget things at the store. Today I forgot ground beef and one other thing but now I can't remember...Jonathan is gone until Friday. Call if you need to vent!

Catherine Faux said...

Wow Robyn. You are really amazing for being able to put up with all that and not just give up. As for Christian, I have a good idea my mom used on him: When he doesn't come home on time he can call once, but if he calls more than once to say he is going to be later, he gets grounded. And we all know that if one is grounded he cannot go anywhere at night for a whole week or month or one time I got it for two months!

Sabrina said...

Wonder Woman... You may not feel like it but you are a pillar of strength. Just take one moment at a time and when needed lock yourself in your room and eat chocolate.

I hope you have a great relaxing break when Christian gets back.