Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just to say howdy....

Yikes! I can't let a whole week go by without posting something, even if I don't have pictures.
We had a really fun weekend--and I remembered why its so important for women-folk to have women-friends. Christian spent a few hours helping a friend from church install a basement floor, and in the meantime, I put a very crabby Aaron down for a nap and took the remaining kids to the neighbor's for a birthday party. (Am I bad? I was right next door...) Anyway, there were lots of kids and mine loved having buddies to play with, and I enjoyed a few hours of real conversation.
Then, one by one, all my kids had potty accidents and the fun ended. I hate potty training, and you'd think I'd be done with the older ones, at least. But no.
That evening, I watched the RS Broadcast with some sisters from the ward at my friend Jessica's home. Again, so good to talk with other ladies. And of course, the broadcast was very good (although, I was really tired and I have to admit to dozing off for 20 min or so...bad Robyn).
What I found really interesting was the difference between the types of girly-groups I had on Saturday. At the party, the adults were mostly drinking alcohol (a 7-yr-old's party!) and the conversation was, well, rougher. Good people, of course, but they seemed to enjoy their adult privileges (like swearing--why is that cool?). Then, with the group of RS women, we had a very different type of fun--eating ice cream and laughing. Those women are way too funny! And entirely clean. I also got to have a long talk with my little sister Sunday night. Dana was 5 or 6 when I left home (Hannah's age), and as far as actually being a big sister, I mostly remember braiding her hair and babysitting. Its so nice to get to know her as an almost adult (she's 15) and have some good big-sister time.
There are so many ways to women to bond, but the important thing is that we have someone to talk to. Probably the hardest part of Christian's travels is the loneliness. I guess I'm just remembering how good it feels to have good friends available when you need them.

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Kasey Hunt said...

You have a good out look on everything! Chin up!!