Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Tuesday was the first day of school. We spent last weekend in Milwuakee with Jonathan and DeAnn, so I wasn't particularly well prepared.
Hannah got on the wrong bus coming home from school--she was so scared! Fortunately the other driver brought her home, but she was in tears. What a way to start school!
Also, Rachel's bus driver told me she's pick Rachel up on Tuesday at 12:15--right around the time Hannah didn't get home and I had to find her. Rachel was so excited to go to school, but her bus never came. I finally called her school--preschool starts today, Wednesday.
So I had very sad girls yesterday. Hopefully today we'll do better!

--Wednesday went much better. I even got both boys to nap so I had an hour and a half to myself!


Kasey Hunt said...

Nap time is the best!! I so look forward to those breaks and then often find that I don't know what to do with myself b/c I'm always used to my helpers!

Joyous said...

Ack! Robyn, how stressful! I'm so glad Wednesday went well. Good job, Robyn-mom! How has it been having time with just the boys?

RD&Debbie said...

AAAGGHH! I think the beginning of school is almost as stressful on me! That's so sad about Hannah getting on the wrong bus.. Reese got lost getting to his room the first day, and I felt so guilty and sad for him. Hope the preschool for Rachel goes well, and yeah, they bus!!

DeAnn said...

Such craziness! I hope things continue to go well.

BeccaJane said...

Robyn, I FINALLY put your blog on my blog list, so now I will come check it out! Sorry!!!
I remember being scared about getting on the wrong bus as a kid, poor girl!

Amy said...

It is amazing that kids survive the trauma of school don't you think? I'm glad it went better the second day.