Sunday, September 21, 2008

Best Birthday Ever!

Happy Birthday, Aaron! (ummm, sorry about being 9 days late...) You're such a cutie--rather than give you any presents for your special day, I'm going to get pictures taken! (I bet you're glad I'm doing this now, cuz I don't think it'd go over well for you're 10th b-day)
Here's a cute video of Aaron enjoying his birthday candles.
Aren't we just the best parents ever?!
Here another shot of the happy day.By the way, in the background of the video you can see the basket full of papers I still haven't put away after my mini-kitchen office makeover...


Catherine Faux said...

Lucy wants to watch that movie again. I had to explain to her why Aaron was crying (because he wanted to touch the fire) I love your kitchen.

DeAnn said...

Great picture! Can't wait to see you--NEXT WEEK!

RD&Debbie said...

that's such a funny video... why in the world do we put flaming desserts in front of our kids:)! He's so cute, hard to believe time has flown that fast!