Sunday, September 14, 2008

Before and After

The eyesore: the first counter seen as we come in through the garage, and as you can see, I collect all kinds of things here. Feeling ambitious (before I knew Christian was leaving), this is what I turned it into...

I finally hung up the calendar and bulletin board; I use the green box to collect (and correctly organize) incoming papers; the counter (theoretically) stays clean; the drawers below are for Hannah and Rachel's school papers and art; the cabinet above isn't tidy, but its organized to hold crayons and coloring books, medicine, recipes, the kids' piggy banks, spare pens and pencils, and coupons and receipts. If you'll notice, I even painted the wall color (eventually the whole kitchen will be this color, but I'm working slowly. Very slowly.)

And here's the pile of stuff, taken off the counter, awaiting a new home. A not quite perfect transformation, but isn't that the way it goes?


Kasey Hunt said...

You need to call if you need help! That's a long time with out your hubby!! I like your organizing!

DeAnn said...

Good project--the laundry basket made me laugh--it seems like the job is never done!