Friday, September 12, 2008

Anti-climatic birthday

Today is Aaron's birthday, but don't tell him--Christian is out of town, so we aren't doing anything until he gets back. I took Aaron in for his check-up and we ended up with two prescriptions; one for eczema, one for the ear infection he is developing (for once, a convenient doctor's appt!). Otherwise, he's happy, healthy, a little on the small side, but doing well. He even tolerated his shots fairly well. So here's my questions--I want to get some real pictures taken, and he needs a haircut. Should I get the pictures before the haircut (his hair is beautiful, but really long) or after (I don't really trust my skill at haircutting)?


DeAnn said...

Happy Birthday Aaron--I'm sorry we missed it. Ummmm, do the pictures before the haircut. I'm not sure what to do with Isaac's hair either. It's getting in his eyes but I have no idea how to cut hair--maybe I'll take him to a barber.

Alexia said...

Oh wow. that is tragic. are you sure that christian is really at work? I kind of think that he might be "working" on a beach in cancun or something.

anyway, I am in the process of decorating my new apt. and need your expert opinion. I am currently considering sewing my own drapes. and recovering these awesome chairs with the same fabric. I figure it's just straight seams. thoughts? advice?