Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympic Memories

I love the Olympics. Watching other people at the height of their physical ability is almost as good as being able to do those amazing feats myself. Christian and I watched most of the opening ceremonies Friday night and were sufficiently impressed. I nearly let Hannah stay up to watch, but she had a busy day and started throwing fits, so off to bed she went. Luckily, she wakes up super early every morning and caught a replay Saturday morning (she saw the torch lighting). Swimming and gymnastics are my favorite summer events.
Rewind six years. We lived in Utah during the 2002 winter Olympics. We had been married less than two months and BYU took an extra week off so students could participate. My Dad lived in Salt Lake City at the time and fled the state to avoid the crowds. We happily took a break from Provo to stay at his place and wander around Salt Lake, just to enjoy the Olympic "vibe." It was so fun just to see the crowds, visit the new stores and restaurants, and feel part of the excitement. I was also so impressed with Christian's family--they are very musical and have ties to Germany (missions served, lived there during military service, lots of friends there...) had the opportunity to play their musical instruments for German representatives. I married into such a cool family! Sorry, no pictures. This was before we owned a digital camera. Since I was a few weeks pregnant at the time, Hannah kind-of, sort-of went along, as well.

Christian's parents decided that this was something their family should participate in. They generously took us to one of the events with them--women's hockey, played in the Peak's Ice Arena in Provo (surprisingly familiar for something as big and exciting as the Olympics). Kazakstan vs. Russia. Kazakstan didn't preform all that well. It was actually a disaster. Even in the Olympics, not all the athletes are world-class. I remember thinking that even I (and I'm not an athlete) could have played better. We really tried hard not to laugh (how mean am I?). But it was fun, all the same. Just to be there and know that I could watch and help cheer on some women in their Olympic dream--even if it was far from being a medal-contest. Good memories.


DeAnn said...

Did you catch the AMAZING mens' 400m relay?! I love the Olympics too. You watched Megan while we went to watch hockey.

Catherine Faux said...

Haha! I was there and all I remember was climbing a bunch of stairs...haha

Robyn said...

I'm becoming a huge Phelps fan. I'm staying up way too late watching gymnastics and swimming.