Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nathan and his amazing bladder

Oh, the joys of potty training. Check out this mess on our kitchen floor.

There is an airplane science museum near our house--the Air Zoo. We told Nathan that when he is completely out of diapers and has stopped making messes, we'll take him there (it's like, $10 per person after discount). To get there, he's putting marshmellows in a small canning jar every time he has success and takes one out for every accident. We bought him cool dinosaur undies, but the first few weeks we had him use Rachel's panties-pink stripes. I figured no one would care. Kind of funny watching him run around the house (pants-less) and seeing those pink undies on my little man.

By the way, that mess above is actually from when I spilled a jar of pickles. But it looked really similar to other messes I've cleaned up these past two weeks. In the spirit of sharing way more than anyone wants to hear, he had an accident at lunch time on the kitchen chair and as I was cleaning it up, it spilled on my bare feet. In the words of my older brother, Brian, when my younger brother needed some bathroom help ("Come wipe me!"), "Oh, joy!" I am truly excited to stop buying size 5 diapers, though.

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RD&Debbie said...

Cameron wanted to wear underwear today, so even though we haven't trained him at all I gave in, and ended up with a floor just like that, but for real! At least it was in the kitchen, I knew it'd end up somewhere other than the toilet. No fun! Good luck on making it to the air museum!