Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kids at Play

The laundry basket can be a car, train, anything...and Hannah is happy to give rides.

The other day we babysat for a girl we didn't know--her family was visiting from Utah and they needed some help. Hannah loved having a buddy all day long, and before too long, they were calling each other best-friends. We did a craft together-- painting plaster ponies I bought at Walmart-- and the girls were painting them alike, so they'd always remember each other. So cute! Isn't it so sweet how easy it is for little people to make friends?
The kids are in a major fort-buidling phase. It takes some of the pressure off cleaning the living room. Rachel was sick last week. She hates taking naps...but somehow didn't mind falling asleep on the kitchen floor.


The Christoffersen Family said...

Wow your kids are getting so big!! Hannah is really starting to look like you Robyn! I wish we could get them together to play!! BTW- I love your cleaning check list idea. I'll get around to making my own someday. For now, I enjoy using the "I'm too pregnant" excuse and nagging Mickey to do it for me :o)
Miss you guys!!

Kasey Hunt said...

Yeah, I found you. I kept spelling your name with an i. Your blog is really cute!!
I like your chart for chores. I might have to try that.

DeAnn said...

I just have to say again that I love Hannah's haircut!! What a pretty girl.

The Green M&Ms said...

Wow. Looks like alot of fun

BeccaJane said...

I got those dresses at Motherhood Maternity....GREAT store, or you can shop them online!

Catherine Faux said...

You kids are so cute! I love reading your blog.