Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kid Update: Aaron at 11 months

He's nearly a year old! Hard to believe... especially when I think of the pain I was in last year at this time.
He's crawling all over. He can balance on his own, but doesn't like to. He hasn't even attempted walking on his own, but he walks around furniture and my legs like a pro. He has four teeth, and although usually the front teeth are the first to come in, his canine teeth came in first--like a little puppy (or vampire, as my friend Jessica says). Also, he has gorgeous "girly" hair. Its getting really long (long enough for pony tails and bows, if he was a girl) and I ought to cut it, but I just can't bring myself to do it yet. We call him our ATB--All Terrain Baby. He can switch from the normal crawl to the "stink bug crawl" with ease as he switches from carpet to tile, grass to cement, or just cause he wants to. It sure is cute. He also likes to growl. My girls have taught him well. He is really into an indepent feeding phase now, and its really messy. If I try to give him baby food, he swats at the spoon so it splatters all over. He loves to demolish canned green beans and smear wet graham cracker all over his face. Its a challenge to find veggies that he will actually eat. I think his taste buds have finally evolved so he realizes just how gross some of the things I used to give him are. However, he loves (and lets me spoon-fed him) Yo-Baby yogurt. If you have any advice on great, healthy finger foods for older babies, let me know! We are also graduating from formula to whole milk. Just as I love the idea of no longer buying big kid diapers for Nathan, I love the thought of never buying formula again.

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