Sunday, August 10, 2008

It Worked For Me

I just wanted to share some of my new favorite Mom-tips.
I tried this new casserole the other day, and I loved it. The kids didn't like it so much, but that probably indicates that it tastes good, more than anything else. I used Rice Pilaf instead of Chicken-flavored rice (probably doesn't matter either way) and added cheese (because everything is better with cheese. I was thinking that going a month without cheese would probably make a bigger health impact than going without chocolate, but Christian wouldn't support me in that).

For the past few weeks I've been trying out a new system for doing housework. (I tried the Fly-Lady, but just got annoyed with all the repetitive e-mail reminders). I simply listed all the things I think I should be doing daily, weekly, or occassionaly and developed a checklist. I count my attempts, even if something isn't done perfectly (because perfection doesn't happen). I set a goal for each week (lately, 40 check-marks), then mark things off as they get done. I even get to count things I assign my kids or hubby--the point is that things get done. If I don't do something one week, I make it a priority the next. I try to include the things I struggle with the most as well as the things I usually do, so I can feel some success and track progress. So far, its a good system for me. I've laminated the chart and posted it in the kitchen so I can see it. I've done a similar thing (using Active Allowance) for the kids--including things like brushing teeth and bathing as well as chores, and laminated and posted those as well. I set a minimum number of points they need to earn, and pay 10 cents per extra point they earn. So far, as long as I do my part, that is working as well. Hannah especially loves the chance to work and earn a little money. I still struggle with washing the floor (something so simple, yet so hard to actually do...), but thanks to this system, it gets done at least every other week (gross, I know. With four kids, it needs to be done daily).

Just thought I'd share.

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DeAnn said...

I hate cleaning floors too!!