Sunday, July 27, 2008

Water works

The same hill that was so perfect for sledding last winter works well for the summer slip 'n slide:Nathan didn't actually like the slip 'n slide--we had to push him down, and he wasn't very happy about it. But Hannah had fun--she usually does.


DeAnn said...

That looks like fun! I want to come slide on it. We had a ward party at a swimming pool and Karen didn't want to go down the slide. I forced her on my lap and took her down. I think she liked it but didn't want to admit it!

Sabrina said...

What a fun summer activity. I also laughed at the haircut story. I did the same thing to Katie's hair last summer. Funny thing, she still complains about my brushing it.

Robyn said...

Hannah still tries to eat it. I'm charging her a penny every time I see it in her mouth.