Sunday, July 27, 2008


It's nearly August, and I've been thinking about peaches. When we lived in Provo, we used to head down to Allred's Orchards and buy a big box of peaches. We'd can a few, and eat as many as we wanted. I don't think I've had a good peach since then. Thinking of peaches led me to reminiscing about the places I've lived and the things I like most. Just thought I'd share.
Washington: the way it smells!, beautiful coast, shopping with friends (its been literally years since I've done that), being a little crazy with buddies (driving to Canada to eat at Denny's at 3:00 am...etc.), my siblings
Provo, Utah: feeling smart (while at BYU), game nights, Christian's family in Salem, fun young wards, dry heat and that real summer feel, our strange little green house (with a real greenhouse in the backyard, 3 different kinds of green carpet-yes, one was shag-, and 17 kinds of wood and fake wood decor and matching 60's furniture) with great neighbors
Owings Mill, Maryland: being a perpetual tourist--so many places to visit!, the perfect combination of rural and city, the best Relief Society I've ever been in, with great Enrichment meetings and fabulous Moms, living close to Alexia and Marc & Marcy and being a stopping place for family and friends, and trying to figure out that unique accent
Shelby, North Carolina: Ummmmm? (just kidding) I miss the Christoffersons, the Mulls, and my Young Women--the first calling I have had where I really felt needed, and, of course, the fun accents. I also loved having a home with room for visitors--and making use of the guest bedroom!

We really like living in Michigan and hope to be here a while... but with our track record, that isn't likely. We are loving the schools, our home (!!!), our neighborhood and all the kids, and watching our kids grow up. We feel so blessed to be in a ward with so many good people, many of whom are bending over backwards to work with Rachel and help her be included. And there's this accent--I can't quite figure it out, but I want to be able to imitate it before we leave!

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