Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's not Girl's Camp without...

I really do love working with the Young Women. It isn't the easiest calling to have with four young kids and a hubby who travels a lot, but I'm fortunate...There are some super sweet girls in the group who seem to love my kids and are quick to help out.
Last night we set out on the 5-mi "hike" the girls' needed to certify for camp. There I was, with all my kids and a double stroller... the YW were very helpful to carry, care for, or push my kids (in the stroller) to help out. We took a fairly easy hike--it was even paved about 1/2 the distance. Even so, the mosquitos were awful and no one brought bug spray, and halfway through, we noticed the huge rain clouds. We jogged as much as we could to get ahead of the storm, but ended up walking the last little bit in a downpour. I seem to remember it raining every single year I went to Girls' Camp as a kid, and even last year as a leader...(that's 3 three different camps, three different states--you'd think I'd catch a break!) The real camp is in two weeks, and I'm only going for two days, so maybe I'll have a dry experience.
(Christian comes home in 3 hours!)


Tiffani said...

You go girl... I would have just flaked out! Enjoy your days at girls camp, hopefully without rain.

DeAnn said...

Oh Robyn, what a story! You are a good woman!!

Amy and Troy said...

Hey Robyn, I'm really glad you said hi. I love hearing from/finding people that I haven't seen in ages. That's what is so fun about blogging! I know I've been guilty of lurking around peoples' blogs, debating whether or not to say something to them, so thanks for leaving me a comment! :)

We actually live in Owings Mills. We move around every summer for Troy's job and move back to UT in time for school. It's our 3rd summer and we are definitely always itching to get back home by the the end of it.

Where are you and your family at these days? 4 kids, wow! How cute that they are all little toe heads just like you and Kevin. Anyway, sorry for the long response. It was good to hear from you!