Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hip to be Cold, Fun to be Numb

Christian is the ultimate Polar Bear Plunger (really--he got a Greendie award for it--see DeAnn's blog). The water in Cape Cod was so cold! I was brave, too...eventually. I had a lot more fun after I got all the way in the water, but it took a lot of time wading in to decide to go all the way. It really was better once I started to get a little numb. I'm glad I didn't pass up the chance to swim in the ocean!
That pink blur in the water is me.
For more Cape Cod stuff, DeAnn, Alexia, and Jennie have posted great blogs covering the good stuff. I really enjoyed doing Family Home Evening together (acting out Daniel and the Lion's Den), Daddy's gift of little chair charms (no empty seats when the family meets again in eternity), game nights, early morning and late evening walks on the beach, playing frisbee on the beach and in the water, flying kites and using the small inflatable boat, finding hundreds of dead little fishies and one dead stingray, plus lots of crabs and a starfish (alive), walking the Freedom Trail in Boston with 14 little kids, smores and stories with a campfire on the beach, all the brothers racing through the water to Christian (who was already in up to his shoulders) .... but most especially, it was so fun to have the family together, having fun. So many of the cousins met for the first time, and its so fun to watcht them become good friends. I love seeing Christian have fun with his siblings, and my sisters-in-law are some of my best friends. So, yay for a happy family!


DeAnn said...

I love you Robyn and miss you already!

Robyn said...

We'll definitely need to plan another visit--maybe the beach? camping? Or something over Labor Day...