Monday, July 28, 2008


I hate potty training. Its possibly my least favorite part of parenting. And--its training time for Nathan. He's three years old, and I can't justify waiting any longer, especially with the girls' school starting again in a few weeks. So-- suggestions? advice? We're on our first day-no successes so far--and he's ready to give up. I'm determined that this will be the week. What has worked for you?


DeAnn said...

I'm not the one to ask. Karen's still in diapers! Good luck.

Catherine Faux said...

Leland gives me candy after I use the potty.

RD&Debbie said...

A friend suggested a book callled "potty-training in less than a day", and we did it with Reese, and plan on doing it with Cameron. It is very intense, teaching them how to recognze and go on the toilet. It was basically two horrific days, but then that was the end of it...he was good from then on. An option to look at maybe.