Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hannah's Hairstory

Never make empty threats--that's one of the first rules of parenting. I should have remembered that before I threatened to cut Hannah's hair if she didn't stop chewing on it. Really, cutting her hair hurts me more than her.
Cute hair moments:
6 mo.

And now:
She looks nervous-- She knew I wasn't pleased with her, even if she didn't really mind the punishment. Daddy teased her that she'd look like a boy, but afterward, she said she looked like a tennis-girl...and wants to take lessons.The chin length cut.
The aftermath
And the happy girl:Of course, her new 'do is cute. I actually really like it. I'm just taking a moment to mourn the loss of her beautiful long hair. I need to remember all the times she's screamed and cried as I've tried to comb her long hair, and the frustration of watching her chew on her hair and make it sticky with food.

This has been a bit traumatic for me--can you tell?


Randy and Ally said...

Wow . . . I just can't believe how grown up she is! I am still in denial that I am a grown up having babies :o)

Amy said...

Very cute hair! You are quite the hair stylist. I can't blame you for mourning her long hair though, it was really beautiful! Now you don't have to bug her about chewing her hair anymore, which will make life a little happier, right?

DeAnn said...

I like it better short. I wish Natalie would let me cut hers.

Jodie said...

She looks so darling and so much older with it short!!

And I will say kudos to you for following through with your threat. It takes a lot of courage--but shows your kids that you are serious. What a good mom you are. :)

The Christoffersen Family said...

Congrats on keeping your word!! And I have to tell you- you did an AWESOME job on her hair!! You want to cut mine??? That is so cute seriously!!!

Catherine Faux said...

I should play Hannah in tennis sometime now that she has the right do.

Adam Green said...

She looks so cute!! I am so impressed.