Sunday, July 13, 2008


When we came home from vacation, we found a duck's nest in our rose bushes. Four eggs had hatched, and two were remaining. The kids loved seeing the eggs and feathers. Unfortunately, it looks like the two remaining eggs aren't going to hatch--we might have scared the mother away!

My kids remind me of critters sometimes. Aaron does what we call the "stink bug" crawl, where his knees don't touch the ground (I think they are a little sore from crawling places he doesn't belong, like the sidewalk). And last night, I found this in our kitchen... its either a large rodent, or a little Rachel who thought this butter was cheese.


Tiffani said...

So funny about the butter... I got a good laugh out of that, mostly because I can relate!
Question: How do you get each blog to show when the last time they posted is... I have seen this before but never known how they did it! Yeah... no more wasting my time checking blogs that have not been updated for months!

Robyn said...

Its a new feature on blogger--I know, isn't it great! I spend so much time checking blogs, hoping for updates...(just go to "customize")