Sunday, July 6, 2008

Blogger Overload and decompression

We just got home after a super-packed, fun filled trip and I'm overwhelmed with the prospect of recording everything. I'll do my best, but it will probably take a while.
A quick summary:
We left home Friday, June 20th and drove to Ann Arbor for an audiology check-up, then headed into Canada (never again will we try to save travel distance by crossing a border--it took so much more time!), where we got lost and ended up near Toronto, before turning around and heading back and making another wrong turn, which allowed us to see Niagra Falls--unintentionally. A few hours later, we made it to Joy and Joey McMurray's (college roommate/friends) place in Rochester, New York, who graciously hosted us overnight. The next day, after a nice walk and some time in the kiddie pool, we drove on to Worcester, Ma (pronounced Wooster, for some unknown reason), where we spent a week with Christian's brother, Adam, and family. Christian had another work trip (to Iowa), so rather than stay home by myself, we came to Ma. early, and thoroughly enjoyed our time. The following week, we spent in Cape Cod with about half the family (30 in all) in a house on the beach, having about as good a time as I can imagine having. We drove home on the 4th of July, and got home yesterday, on Saturday, thoroughly exhausted.
We are experiencing what I call "decompression." You know how, after deep sea divers come up too quickly, they need to spend time in a pressure chamber adjusting back to normal, etc...? It's like that after a trip. There is a period of time when the kids adjust to the change from constant entertainment to normal routine. There are usually tears, frustration, weird sleep schedules, etc...I expect tomorrow to be the worst, then we'll get better from there.


Amy said...

Oh I totally understand the decompression thing. Our kids are still recovering from our trip too!

DeAnn said...

Yeah, I'm suffering from post-trip blues. Hopefully life will feel good today!