Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Baby Shower

My sister-in-law, Marcy, is having a baby girl! We're so excited for her. She and Marc have done so much for us, especially when we were living near D.C. at the same time, and when she came to help out when Aaron was born (my Mom couldn't come). So, we gave her a baby shower. We wanted to include Marc, so we made it co-ed.
Jennie and I found a wooden paddle (for spanking) at Michael's and decorated with the words "Rascal Raiser" and printed phrases around the edges, "If you're not crying, I'm not trying," Behavioral Therapy," Pain is temporary, obedience is forever..." and painted the letters of the baby's name. I had a hard time parting with those... they looked so cute! We played a matching game with candy bar prizes (thanks, Sarah), and a frozen strawberry cake-ish thing for dessert. I think even the guys had fun.


Randy and Ally said...

Wow, you are way too talented!! That paddle is adorable . . . and absolutely hilarious!!

Robyn said...

The various husbands came up with most of the wording, but the idea was all mine (and Jennie's). Christian wanted me to paint "Hubby Helper" on the backside.

DeAnn said...

It was a very fun shower! Great job. The candy bars were a great hit. Now the guys won't think we're so weird when we go to baby showers! \''/