Thursday, June 12, 2008

Taking a tumble

Its official! Aaron is crawling. We first discovered it when Christian was off on a business trip and I was struggling to get the kids to bed. I left Aaron is another room for a second and then heard--thump, thump, waaaa!!! (as he fell down the stairs...) I found him nearly at the bottom of the stairs. I panicked and called the pediatrician, but fortunately he was just fine--happier, even. So now I know.... and we keep our baby gate up.
He loves his new-found mobility, and I am continually reminded that I need to keep my floors clean and the kid's toys contained. Polly Pockets dolls are not meant for a baby's mid-afternoon snack. Here are a few shots of Aaron enjoying his lunch. Last time I took him to the grocery store, I got stopped by no less than three people, who mentioned that my baby was having a bad hair day!


Amy said...

What?! Babies don't have bad hair days! He is as cute as can be!

Adam Green said...

He's adorable! If any comment on his hair should be made it would be on how blonde it is - you just don't see that everyday.

The Christoffersen Family said...

Awe he is so cute!! I miss you guys! Tried to call today but didn't get through. I called the new number but it didn't even give me a voicemail. Give me a ring some time so we can chat!