Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Biggest Post Ever

What a week! I loved having my sister-in-law, Bethany come visit for a week. The kids loved her! And its so nice to have someone to talk to during the day. Daddy came Thursday night, also Bethany's birthday, and we celebrated with a chocolate chip cookie pie I found on the blog, bakerella (link on sidebar). So good! But very rich (I actually added too much chocolate. Didn't know it was possible!). On Friday, we drove to a beach on Lake Michigan and enjoyed a (very sandy) lunch before driving to Jonathan and DeAnn's place in Milwuakee. I added two new states to my list of states visited (Illinois, Wisconsin), and decided that while Chicago might be a nice city, the traffic there is beyond horrible. It was so fun to see Daddy and Jonathan and Christian playing together. They did yard work while the ladies had some "girl time"--I had my first ever pedicure, and I now understand why women like them so much. We also watched some supremely corny LDS romantic movies (Beauty and the Beast, Rescued) for a good laugh. The guys helped create price lists for Daddy's new business venture (i.e. Foot in Mouth package: pedicure and teeth whitening for men, $100). The kids had a grand time, too. Aaron and Isaac took turns handing each other toys, then taking them away. We got home at 2:00 am Sunday morning, and still had to get up for 9:00 church. Yes, we were late to church. On Monday, Christian did his hometeaching by inviting two families over for dinner... one of those families brought 8 of their 10 children... Busy, somewhat stressful, but fun--and we had really good food! The oldest Hardy girl is deaf, and she and Rachel got to be "it" while playing hide-and-seek. I really loved watching to two sign to each other. And now, I'm starting to get the house ready and our bags packed so we can head off to Boston to visit family (stopping off to visit Joy and Joey in Rochester, New York on the way). I may not be able to post very often over the next two weeks, but rest assured, I'll be having fun!

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DeAnn said...

Gorgeous feet! We loved having you guys--let's do it again soon.