Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Young Women

I like working with the young women (ask me again in a week and I might say something different). It isn't a calling I expected for myself, and I've definitely had my share of challenges. It can be a pretty thank-less calling (as are many of them) because you tend to hear more bad than good from teenage girls, but I like being involved and having some purpose. I remember as a teenager really struggling with public speaking--I just couldn't string two coherent thoughts together in front of a group. I've worked on that, and now, provided I am prepared and care about the topic, giving lessons usually goes okay. Teaching is probably my favorite part of the calling (although I do grow tired of hearing my own ideas and stories over and over again). Some of the best experiences with the girls come when I have prepared a lesson and we go off topic to discuss something that really matters to them. When I put the time into preparing a lesson, I think I am more prepared for tangents, as well.
I've been thinking a lot about my teenage years lately (after spending a week with my little sister--who's staring high school next year), and how I really wouldn't go back and relive my teen years, but it might be fun to go back and do a lot of things differently. Being a leader in the Young Women's program is much more fun. Like Girl's Camp last summer, spent with the stake leaders, making late-night runs to Walmart, having a real bed, and finding the chocolate stash in the kitchen. Much more fun than rodents, rain, and whatever else girls do at camp! (I'm going to Girl's Camp and Youth Conference again this summer).
Tonight we talked about Integrity (one of the YW values) and created Mormonads to hang in the class room. There are only two girls in my class (the Mia Maids), so its tricky planning activities, but it was really fun tonight to see what the girls came up with. We used famous quotes as our inspiration. Mine was from Will Rogers: Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip.

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