Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mad Rachel

I'm too tired to walk home (after a short walk). I'll just crawl.
Help me! Carry me! Wait for me!
Woe is me!
No, don't take a picture of me being mad! Just carry me!

(I waited for her to walk in by herself. After some drama, she eventually came in)


BeccaJane said...

Ha, that's pretty classic! Tantrums are fun....Cameron is just starting to have them. Your baby is so cute too, he sort of looks like Isaac!

Tiffani said...

THis is too funny as Aidan and I had the same meltdown about a week ago! You just have to laugh

The Kelley Family said...

I think I could put George and Katie's faces in those pictures and they would fit perfectly!

Joyous said...

Good job not giving in, Robyn! :)